Washio – Dry Clean service on demand

Washio BagBrowsing my facebook timeline on my phone often shows some advertisements for new apps and services around my city. Living in San Francisco makes it easy to discover new Start Ups that I do my best to try.

This week, Washio was the one that caught my attention. It was well targetted to me since I was looking for laundry places around my neighbourhood, and they offered and added value, pick up and drop of service, with a promotion code. I decided to give it a try, and the result was excellent.

Good on-line marketing strategy, targetting geographically and to the right audience in their natural environment, easy steps to set up an account, and ease navigation with a mobile friendly website for those who run on Android and can’t use their iOS app.

And, one more thing, they gave me a cookie when they picked up my clothes. It’s a cost effective way to surprise, engage, and motivate me to share the goodie on my social networks.

What are you doing to out stand on customer service? Think twice.

My review on Yelp to help them out spread the word:

Washio was an outstanding new service that I tried this week. I usually try new services every now and then because I love entrepreneurship and new Start UPs. I was amazed on how fast the order was placed, the great service of the Ninja’s picking up my clothes, the cookie that came with the pick up!, an the freshness of the clothes dry cleaned.

I will definitely use them again for its convenient. It’s so easy and comfortable to have this type of errand run by Washio and not worrying about anything at all. The communication is great at all levels, and they are simply the best!

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