The missed calls generation

This is how I’d like to define my very own generation. Generations can be found and delimited in many ways. Some people like to call us Milenials, but this is too broad. I like to call us the missed calls generation. But, why? Because we are those who had one of the greatest transitions in the human history. We went from landlines to cellphones. We went from mailing letters to e-mails. We went from e-mail to instant messaging. We went from calls to video calls. To the crazy ones - Steve Job Quote Moreover, we invented the miss calls in a way to trick the telecom companies to not pay and send a poke of attention. This can be seen as an example or a tag name of what we are capable of. We change things. We see them, we use them, and we transform them. We have been tagged as fools, misfits, troublemakers… But we have the mission to save the entire humanity to make the world a better place. We are a generation that faced big changes, and challenged itself over and over again to find solutions to the world problems. We are ready to take the driving wheel and ride along our values. Freedom of choice, fun, collaboration, and meaningful work are a few of these. As someone said: Stay hungry, stay foolish. Companies that will align with these values will make big steps in the near future. Companies that will create leadership positions for our generation will be able to understand the world in a different way. Companies that are ready to listen, fail, grow, and make steps towards the future will need us. An investment to our generation was made, and we are thankful for it. But, that investment is supposed to be returned. Now, we are ready, are you?

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