Become a LinkedIn influencer

LinkedIn has been growing exponentially over the past years. This grow is explained because of their new products, such as the LinkedIn influencers platform, and one of it’s biggest acquisitions: Pulse

Now it is that time where this tool will roll out to their entire users, making them potential influencers. This is a smart move to gather more content, and make the LinkedIn experience more social. From my point of view, LinkedIn has been a great tool to share content, but it lacks of every-day active users. This was one of the reasons why their stocks dropped over 10% in the past weeks. But this new feature is directly competing with other social networks such as Twitter, where professionals seek their day to day news and information.

As I mentioned before, this might be the year of content, and several moves from the big players are moving towards it. Klout did a move towards it last week, and next is Google.

Don’t miss the full article on Engadget:

LinkedIn opens its blog publishing platform to everyone

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