The Sharing Economy and why you should be on board

As seen in Wikipedia, by definition The Sharing Economy is:

An economic system built around the sharing of human and physical assets. It includes the shared creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services by different people and organisations.

This has been around several years, it is not something new, but, it is a trend that came to stay. It is all about collaborative consumption. How human beings use technologies to share their own assets to make some profit while contributing to make the world a better place.

Examples range from collaborative working spaces, knowledge, or even apartment and cars. Want some more? Check these examples featured by Forbes

From my experience, I’ve used a few of these services such as Airbnb,  cheaper than hotels and seriously more convenient for the world travelers; Liquid-Bikes, get on your neighbour bike and go for a ride;  Zaarly connecting great people with different skills and abilities to help each other; and Tradesy, empty your closet selling those clothes that you used only one time. Seriously, do it.

Also, not having a car can be annoying some times when you really need one. And, having one all the time can be as painful if not more if you don’t really use it and keep paying all the bills that comes along with it. Getaround is by far the best solution to solve both problems connecting them. Owners and renters are as far as a tap on their app. List your car and make money with it, or rent one if you need it by the hour. A pick up at the airport? It will cost you less than taking public transportation. Running errands in town? Doing grocery shopping? Same thing!

If I recommend any? All. Totally. Absolutly. Try one, two or as many as you like, use it for your own, and tell your friends. I bet that as soon as you start you will be willing for more of this one of a kind experiences. And if you find the niche of something that is not sharable yet, make it so!

Lastly, If you can, get involved with Peers, a member-driven organization that supports the sharing economy movement. Their vision is that by sharing what we already have — like cars, homes, skills and time — everyone benefits in the process. Their presentation video is a good explanation of what the sharing economy means:

Are you on board? Let me know

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