Productivity – Tools and the science behind it

Research shows that discipline is best maintained through habits, not through willpower.

Productivity is a key metric on your everyday to do list. The more that you get done the closer that you get to the goals  you want to achieve. Your to-do list can be overwhelming sometimes, but these tricks will make you start ticking lines out of the list.

Productivity in the Work Place as a Concept

Here is a short-list of Key tasks that Productive People do by Ilya Pozin. I’d suggest you read through the full article, you will get great insights and increase your productivity right away.

  1. Create a smaller to-do list. 
  2. Take breaks. 
  3. Follow the 80/20 rule. 
  4. Start your day by focusing on yourself. 
  5. Take on harder tasks earlier in the day
  6. Pick up the phone
  7. Create a system
  8. Don’t confuse productivity with laziness

You can also rely on sophisticated but helpful apps that will make increase your productivity. For a full list, check out this article. My suggestion, use, their design will inspire your work, and their system will let you prioritize and be up to date with your calendar. Also, I use Keep, the Google App that allows me to create reminders on the go and Syncs with my Android phone and Google Now.

This video shows key metrics behind productivity and a few tips to get your stuff done! Happy production!

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