Spot on the Millennials

As a Millennial myself I feel the duty of saying something about a revealing study that spots on my generation behavior. As Michael Brito points out – Every brand wants to understand us – our online behavior, where we spend our time, what we care about, how we work, purchase patterns, etc. And the reason is pretty simple. There are over 80 million of us roaming the Internet, which is by far the largest generation to date.

So, here we are. With a greater buying power every day. With the willingness of taking control to speak out loud of our purchasing experiences and, moreover, be listened by those brands that are willing to have a conversation with us. And, one more thing, with an extraordinary ability to change.

We don’t easily commit to anyone but ourselves, but we like to be loved. Those brands that will be able to full fill our emotions, keep a sustainable relationship with us, and give in return to what we are so used to give away, data; will find us loving them. If they ask for sharing, we do, if they ask for data, we give, if they pray for referrals we are honest and happy to refer. Now, the greater they give back, in a personal level, the better they will engage with us. Tweet it!

Millenial shopping behaviour represented by a male with a suitThe main findings gather our ability to have an on-line experience in multiple devices, and connect at all levels; engage with particular campaigns, but with an eager interest of having a long-lasting relationship; expect fast-response, and solutions even faster; collect our data, but use it consciously to over-deliver; and be treated as valuable customers at all times.

To me, customer service, and live time reaction are main abilities brands should develop to take good care of their Millennial customers, with the vision of leveraging relationships to end up reaching larger audiences. Make us your advocates, and you will earn that audience.

Key Takeaways:

Brands must target us differently, periodically and with relevant content. We don’t want to feel like a number more in their data but as a person well known by the brand, that from that data connects with us in a personal level. Brands should react in live time to our changing minds, they should adapt rapidly to the trends we follow, and deliver what we wish in the right time. Missfails, and lack of attention could increase the chance of us spreading bad recommendations of them, and trust me, you don’t want that.


Michael’s Brito post on LinkedIn

Millennials 2020

SDL Study Slidshare findings:

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