Everyone is an influencer

How many times have you posted a status update about a negative experience you had? Was there any company or brand involved? Maybe it was a situation with your phone carrier, or an airline. Also, how many times have you read a status update from one of you acquaintances about their positive experience?

influencer_networkThese wide range of positive or negative brand or company’s impressions on consumers are everyday all over the web. It can come from Yelp, Zagat or a review on Amazon. Furthermore, do you think it made an impact on your future buying decision?I do and see this type of actions everyday in my timelines, so in most cases you are influencing others based on the experiences you share about brands. And trust me, even if you don’t think it made an impact on you, it did. Advertising and branding are all about making small impressions on people, telling a cohesive story that will make you believe it and ultimately, if you are one of their targeted audience, that story will align with you, and, you will love it.

I believe that any person is an influencer as long as he or she has a conversation with another person. Influencing is the power of referring, speaking on behalf of a product, a brand, a person, politics or news, is the power of discussing and explaining why you think you are right. Influencing is leaving your fingerprint to someone else, to one person or billions of them. Tweet it!

This is a hot topic with the arise of scoring systems such as Klout, Kred, Peer Index, etc. And, it is well explained by Andrew Grill, CEO of Kred, influencers don’t have to be celebrities; they can be anyone who people look up to and trust who has a respected opinion about any topic in a community.

Finally, what are the numbers that make all this statements true and relevant to us? The Cone Online Influence Trend Tracker, release in 2011 shows that 85% of consumers go online to research products before deciding to make a purchase. And, 80% of the people who have read negative information changed their mind about purchasing, but 87% of people who have read positive information reinforced their decision to purchase a product or service recommended to them.

Inspiration / Sources

Andrew Grill presentation at TEDx London

Your Brand – The Next Media Company by Michael Brito

Influencers – How trends and Creativity becomes contagious. A good reasoning on how brands and celebrities create and spread trends, but also, with a good explanation of how technology is enabling anonymous people to do the same and upscale to become influencers.


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