Inspiring Marketing and Social Business Quotes

It is a friday that brings me back to the reading and to the quotes. Inspiration comes from all shapes and sizes, but today it comes from a Slideshare presentation.

My choice is for the following one, for its brilliant way to explain that one of the best sources for companies to learn and improve are its customers, specially those ones who are unhappy with the product, or the service.

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning – Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder. Tweet it!

As always, your customers can be your best advocates but at the same time the worst ones. Unhappy customers can harm your company, but they can make you improve and achieve greatness. Also, unhappy customers that are well treated and their issues are solved efficiently turn out to be happy and ever lasting customers that will recommend you to their peers and make your business grow.

Key takeaway: Customer service to its best in this social world.

A Bonus goes for 50 Sales and Social Business quotes. One of my favorites that explains my personality and my believes is:

Help the people in your network. And, let them help you – By Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn founder.

Key Takeaway 2:

As the featured image shows, and as well as Leo Burnett explained in its famous sentence, your product or your service communicates who you are, make it appealing and tell your story through it. Also, this can be applied to personal branding at to yourself. This is one of my best learnings from working at a branding agency.

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