The power of thanking

It is sometimes underestimated how powerful a Thank you can be. How many times do you use thank you a day? What about a week or a month? Usually people like being thanked, think of yourself. To my mind, it is a tool or a resource that I often use to show appreciation because I can emphasize with the feeling of being recognized for a labour, an action or a comment someone just made. 

Thank you cloud tag languagesTo be honest with you, I often expect the thank you from others but I do not see it coming. I have the feeling that most people do not thank enough because it can be seen as a weakness, as something others should say to them, it is a typical selfish attitude. Is anything wrong with thanking? I do think there is none.

I do believe leading by example is a great way to engage with others, and by thanking other you will have an open window to get into people’s heart. What happened with those words that you learned early on your days? What happened with your respectful and kind gestures towards others? Those manners are hard to stick while you get older, but the more the merrier, use that wisdom and recall those wise words to use them in your behalf to engage deeper among your peers.

In closing, I just want to say Thank You for reading.

I’ll leave this insightful idea with a few resources to keep reading:

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