My first 30, 60 and 90 days at VSN

Every job starts with Day One (DO) and that day will define what you want to accomplish the following 90 and, hopefully, the following 365. Here I will explain how I approached my most recent first 90 days in the company that I currently work for. 239 days and counting.

In my recent experience at VSN I had the time to enjoy every of those first days with an overall outlook at how I can be aligned with the company goals and help the company grow.

Day One – Demystify myths

From day one try to better understand the company values, its philosophy, and how everyone works. You provably know already all what the company website says, and what the welcome documents tell you, but its time to see it with your own eyes, try to identify what can be improved and if what you believed is actually true.


  • Build your presence in the company, get to know your functions and be proactively seeking how you can help.
  • Try to identify the people who answer questions and solve problems. You should be able to identify them from Day One, and get to know them well by Day 30.

Day 30 – Start solving

By now you should be able to know better your team, your functionalities and your everyday routine. People also should know you better. Accomplish successful achievements and keep understanding how you can make your company better.


  • Plan the month ahead with a concrete master goal. Set goals for each week – share them with your team and show you can do it, achieve something great by the end of the month.
  • Make something relevant that stands out from what the company has done so far.

Remember you were not hired just to be told what to do, you are intelligent enough to tell the company what it should do.

Day 60 – Make your statement

Your last 30 days of your first 90 is the time to make your statement. You should be bold enough to implement your previous successes and make them relevant. Show your colleagues your potential and show them that you will be crucial from now on.


  • Implement those changes you proposed
  • Analyse your performance and change what it needs to be changed.
  • Redefine your functionalities by understanding how the company and your position changed from the previous 90 days.
  • End your first 90 days by being essential to the company

Day 90 – Roll the wheel!

From now on: improve day by day. You will find it hard to keep at the very high level of achievements of the previous months, but is the time to find your motivation in your every single day or moment. Think of 90 days periods, where you can achieve greater results every 3 months, and keep growing with those freshly new goals.

I believe every day is a DO day (Day One), and this should motivate you to keep doing things to help the company you work for, the colleagues that you work with, your learning process and your career path (not strictly necessary in this order).

This is a post curated for the #First90 days series of posts by LinkedIn. And this is how I structured my first 90 days at VSN. Your thoughts are very welcome.

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