Bring me solutions, not problems

Problems and solutions are tight one to each other, there is no solution that doesn’t come from a problem, and therefore, there is no problem that comes before a solution. It’s a correlation. It’s a basic concept, but it’s powerful to know them well and have an attitude towards them.

One of my favorite bosses early in my career gave me the following advice in my very first day:

If you bring me a solution I would do my best to help you implement it, but if you bring me a problem then I would need to fix it, and you would have to implement my solution whether you agreed or not.

This gave me a strong work ethic. It is a simple but true statement. People can be segmented in several ways, but those who see solutions and not problems are definitely a step ahead. This gave me a perspective of what employees really mean to companies. You are not supposed to detect problems, you are supposed to create solutions, be responsible for your tasks, and bring into the organization what it needs to bypass problems thanks to people who work on solutions in their day-to-day activities.

Do you see problems in your life or you just go from solution to solution?

Give it a thought, your head can start figuring out solutions from the first moment you acknowledge a problem. Instead of worrying about it, start acting. And share the problem with others in order to get help, but do so only if this person is part of the solution, but never go without a first draft of what the solution could be, if you don’t want to end up implementing solutions you might agree or worse, disagree.

Coming up soon: Are you proactive or reactive? 

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