What it means to Be a Salesforce Advocate

It has been my pleasure to be part of DES 2016 Madrid and  part of Salesforce Essentials 2016 Madrid, and Barcelona – That was a fun part of May / June this year, and the best of it is not just being in front of an audience to talk about what you have achieved so far and how great the products you are reviewing are, but the best is the journey where you learn and achieve something to talk about.

Captura de pantalla 2016-06-27 a las 17.31.22Becoming and advocate is not an easy path, it is about mastering at a product, service, tool, knowledge area…, so people listen how they can ease their journey thanks to your expertise. But expertise does not come easy. Before and while achieved (or sort of), it is the time to learn, watch, listen and re-imagine what is possible. Yes, spend a huge amount of hours digging the Internet, being curious and thinking out of the box.

But what it really means for Salesforce to have advocates?

Well, Salesforce is self called the Customer Success Platform and for them there is nothing else better than a customer speaking on their behalf and how the did achieve success.

Salesforce Essentials Barcelona 2016

For Salesforce, their advocates are their best promotional assets.

Once you are requested to deliver either a presentation or answer some questions and you are given some time, please consider the following.

  1. Sharing is caring, so be sure to share, as much understandable as possible (lower or raise your language to match your audience) to enlighten people on possibilities they have. Make their path easier by sharing and do not miss lead.
  2. Do not show off, be humble, and the message will penetrate deeper.
  3. Be honest, although you will be asked to dismiss what is not good and underline the greatness of it, keep it ethic and be honest at all times for your own reputation and the good sake of the audience.
  4. Share your contact information, you never know what opportunities might come out of this.

If you do follow and commit to this 4 points people will love your advice and pay attention to you. After it, you will see a great return by growing your network and having referrals to your person by new these connections.

Be an advocate, but always be a honest, humble, and a caring one.


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