Who am I?

Good question! 

I would define myself not because of my work or job but because of my story and how I crafted it. As I wrote before, and it is something that defines me: I am a Life Enthusiast.

Long story short, I was born and raised in Corbins, a small town of Catalonia, Spain, with roughly 1600 habitants. That was fun, good friends, bikes, and freedom. When I was 18 I knew that I did not want to pick up fruits over summer or be a farmer, not my thing unfortunately. I moved to Barcelona to study, and became a soccer referee on the weekends to pay my bills. Later on, I was lucky enough to have savings to first move to Denmark for 6 months, and later on to San Francisco. All this to end up back in sunny and fun Barcelona, with my wife and dog, enjoying life. 


  • I believe in smart work more than hard work.
  • I believe in listening more than speaking, although I love speaking!
  • I believe in team team-work, because alone you will go fast but not far.
  • I believe in time off and time on well balanced.
  • I believe in helping people more than competing.

A bit about my Work 👨‍💻

I am currently the VP of Marketing at ForceManager. A CRM that was born mobile 📲 and grew up to become the most loved CRM by its users. 

Before tho, I was working as the Marketing Director at VSN, an IT company that develops software solutions for the Broadcast and Audiovisual industries 🎬. There, I even co-founded MediaBank that didn’t turn out to be the next Unicorn but it was quite a learning experience, til the next one!

If we even go further back, I started as Marketing Manager at Voicebox Creative, a design firm based in San Francisco 🇺🇸. 

My passion for communication comes from my first positions as social media copywriter and community manager for small companies in Barcelona and larger companies such as Yahoo.es and MTV.es 🎶.

Hobbies 🏃‍♂️

I will always find some time to go for a run, read a diverse range of books, watch a movie or cycle around the city. I love quality time coffee-breaks and fun wine tasting experiences. I consider myself a great listener, a skill that developed me into a non-certified coach.

You can start the conversation or connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.