Thoughtful Marketing – What is it?

Let's start with thoughtful definition! thoughtful /ˈθɔːtfʊl,ˈθɔːtf(ə)l/ adjective absorbed in or involving thought. "brows drawn together in thoughtful consideration" showing consideration for the needs of other people. "he was attentive and thoughtful" No need to explain Marketing or should I? I'll get down to this into another post To me thoughtful marketing defines the type of marketing … Continue reading Thoughtful Marketing – What is it?

Joy of Life expression for a Life Enthusiast

I am a Life Enthusiast

Behind every word, every sentence, there is always a meaning, and behind a personal statement there is a declaration of intentions. I define myself as a Life Enthusiast and I have recently been asked about what I mean with such words. The power of these two put together is somewhat unique in me. Anyone who uses … Continue reading I am a Life Enthusiast

Salesforce Essentials Madrid 2016

What it means to Be a Salesforce Advocate

It has been my pleasure to be part of DES 2016 Madrid and  part of Salesforce Essentials 2016 Madrid, and Barcelona - That was a fun part of May / June this year, and the best of it is not just being in front of an audience to talk about what you have achieved so … Continue reading What it means to Be a Salesforce Advocate

Interview Screenshot Jordi Capdevila Espitia NAB 2016

6 Tricks to follow before a Video Interview

Another NAB Show is over for us and you can get a taste of it at the following video! Right after it, see the tips and tricks used to get ready for the interview! Video interview made by InBroadcast It might seem easy but it is not to deliver a short yet concise interview in … Continue reading 6 Tricks to follow before a Video Interview

Jordi Capdevila Espitia Introduction Video

2016 Let’s crash it VSN!

After 1.5 years at VSN I have the feeling and I am certain that we are ready to take one step forward, but before that we need our sales people aligned, and have a great 2016. Bonus track, see below the video to learn how align a marketing and a Sales Team. I know marketing … Continue reading 2016 Let’s crash it VSN!

What language should you blog in?

There is only one way to address this question successfully and it is with asking yourself another question: What is your target audience when blogging? Acknowledging the goal of your blog or company news feed, and targeting the audience that you are writing for will determine the language you blog in and shape the words … Continue reading What language should you blog in?