Millennials joining hands

Spot on the Millennials

As a Millennial myself I feel the duty of saying something about a revealing study that spots on my generation behavior. As Michael Brito points out - Every brand wants to understand us – our online behavior, where we spend our time, what we care about, how we work, purchase patterns, etc. And the reason is pretty simple. There are over 80 million of … Continue reading Spot on the Millennials

Smartphone usage

All the fun stuff is happening on the cellphones

Facebook recently announced that there has been a decrease of the use of the platform among the Teenagers. This is quite a new, especially coming from Facebook. It's a well known truth that everyone could see in their timelines, people are more concerned of what they publish. Facebook made a startling admission in its earnings … Continue reading All the fun stuff is happening on the cellphones


Washio – Dry Clean service on demand

Browsing my facebook timeline on my phone often shows some advertisements for new apps and services around my city. Living in San Francisco makes it easy to discover new Start Ups that I do my best to try. This week, Washio was the one that caught my attention. It was well targetted to me since I was … Continue reading Washio – Dry Clean service on demand