Leo Burnett quote: Make it simple, make it memorable, make it inviting to look at.

Inspiring Marketing and Social Business Quotes

It is a friday that brings me back to the reading and to the quotes. Inspiration comes from all shapes and sizes, but today it comes from a Slideshare presentation. My choice is for the following one, for its brilliant way to explain that one of the best sources for companies to learn and improve are its … Continue reading Inspiring Marketing and Social Business Quotes

7 billion people are influencers

Everyone is an influencer

I believe that any person is an influencer as long as he or she has a conversation with another person. Influencing is the power of referring, speaking on behalf of a product, a brand, a person, politics or news, is the power of discussing and explaining why you think you are right. Influencing is leaving your fingerprint to someone else, to one person or billions of them.

Writing Pen over a notebook

A lesson from Beth Kanter: Keep Calm and Write it Down

How does your organization learn to improve its campaigns, strategies, programs, and events? This is the main topic of Beth Kanter blog post that you will find below. It is not about the data that organizations collect, but on how to turn all the information into actionable changes - Tweet it! The data has to be analyzed and reported, … Continue reading A lesson from Beth Kanter: Keep Calm and Write it Down

If you don´t tell your story, someone else will

Find your story and tell it

The main point is to know your story from the beginning to the end. You should have it clear, and the more you will write about it the better you will get at telling it. Whereas this would make your social skills better, or get you the next job, it will make you a more skilled professional. Is hard to believe how many people lack on storytelling, presenting or on persuasive writing. You don't have to list it on your resume, you just have to bring it with you anywhere you go!

Millennials joining hands

Spot on the Millennials

As a Millennial myself I feel the duty of saying something about a revealing study that spots on my generation behavior. As Michael Brito points out - Every brand wants to understand us – our online behavior, where we spend our time, what we care about, how we work, purchase patterns, etc. And the reason is pretty simple. There are over 80 million of … Continue reading Spot on the Millennials

Productivity Quote

Speaking of Productivity – This goes to the social media marketers

This article is just the essential guide to Social Media Productivity - Great links and short content that everyone should print and pin it on the wall of their cubicles. Tweet it! Shortlist: Use an editorial calendar for your content Focus on the social networks that are working for you Focus on the right content … Continue reading Speaking of Productivity – This goes to the social media marketers

Acts of Random Kindness

Random Social Kindness as a Marketing Tool

Kindness is an attribute that belongs to the people who care for others. Being kind is an attitude. Kind means caring. And caring is loving. Brands who can be associated with this attribute have the heart of their customers, meaning these customers are already their advocates. And, seriously, there are no better advocates than these. … Continue reading Random Social Kindness as a Marketing Tool