IABM Video Interview


I was interviewed by the International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers (IABM) during the last IBC 2015 in Amsterdam. Discover about the present and future of VSN, how the market has changed in the past five years and our company’s philosophy, based on a close relations to its clients. Watch the exclusive video, courtesy of The IABM

Vídeo Interview with the IABM

VSN’s IBC 2015 was a total success, with VSNEXPLORER, VSN’s MAM, PAM, BI and BPM solution, one of the highlights of the prestigious trade show, thanks to its recent developments that empower audiovisual assets management, with advanced features for collaborative work, advanced cataloguing, Business Intelligence reports and quality control.

Click here to discover all about VSN’s participation at IBC 2015, and do not miss The IABM’s Website to learn all about the industry.

VSNExplorer MAM on Cloud at IBC 2015 Video Marketing


During this edition of IBC 2015, VSN has  presented its new cloud collaborative workflow, based on VSNEXPLORER’s partnership with Windows Azure, that creates an advanced and safe environment enabling collaboration from different locations on the same project. Users can now upload and download contents using the cloud, with transcoding, and files being editable from the moment that they are ingested. This new feature was presented together with Microsoft at the corporation’s stand, attracting a great deal of visitors and attention and certifying that VSN is at the vanguard of technological innovation.

Jordi Capdevila, VSN Marketing Director personally demonstrated its Media Asset Management Solution on Microsoft’s Azure Stand through a touch screen and running on Windows new web browser, Edge. Continue reading

Happy back to work day


It’s typical for entire families to celebrate the month of August by shutting down the computer and skipping to towns and resorts. From a raw numbers perspective, this counts as lost work (as I used to think). But that’s a short-sighted view, psychologists now say: In fact, by serving as the least productive month for millions of workers, August unexpectedly serves as a productivity-booster.

Today, 1st of September, seems to be the not so celebrated Back To Work International Day. Although thousands of people are back to their cubicles and they are supposed to be energy recharged from their time off, people the world over do not seem happy about it.

First thing firsts, I like to think of past experiences and events as: Be happy because it happened and not because it is over. This is a powerful statement that can be used for several purposes. For thinking of vacations too. Secondly, be happy because you do have a job, think of those who don’t and then you may turn your mood up a little bit. Lastly, if you are back to work and you may think as today as a bad day, rethink about your job.

Be happy to get back to work or rethink of your job today

Having a job, and having the one you have right now is a choice. You decided to apply for it, and ultimately to accept it. Therefore, if you don’t like it, it may be your fault. There can be several reasons why you are not happy about your job, but it is up to you today to shift those reasons in the upcoming season and get the wheel moving towards the direction you want.

I like to think of new year’s resolution as personal achievements that you want to reach throughout the year. As per today I like to think as the day you can make professional resolutions to set up new goals in your career.

Don’t take me wrong, everything is not black or white, grey is all what is in between. Think today of that promotion you want to get, that online course you want to study or that skill you want to improve, then go and get it. Think of today as the day you can rethink of your professional grow, and be happy because you had time off to disconnect and now is the time you are back to bring your best to your company.

Happy back to work day to everyone!

Bring me solutions, not problems


Problems and solutions are tight one to each other, there is no solution that doesn’t come from a problem, and therefore, there is no problem that comes before a solution. It’s a correlation. It’s a basic concept, but it’s powerful to know them well and have an attitude towards them.

One of my favorite bosses early in my career gave me the following advice in my very first day:

If you bring me a solution I would do my best to help you implement it, but if you bring me a problem then I would need to fix it, and you would have to implement my solution whether you agreed or not.

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My first 30, 60 and 90 days at VSN

Strategy Forward Thinking

Every job starts with Day One (DO) and that day will define what you want to accomplish the following 90 and, hopefully, the following 365. Here I will explain how I approached my most recent first 90 days in the company that I currently work for. 239 days and counting.

In my recent experience at VSN I had the time to enjoy every of those first days with an overall outlook at how I can be aligned with the company goals and help the company grow.

Day One – Demystify myths

From day one try to better understand the company values, its philosophy, and how everyone works. You provably know already all what the company website says, and what the welcome documents tell you, but its time to see it with your own eyes, try to identify what can be improved and if what you believed is actually true. Continue reading

My Career Journey

Slideshare and Linkedin Product Journey

You could hold the same title as hundreds of others in your field, but the journey you took to arrive at your destination was unique, shaped by your experiences, educations, skills and maybe even a bit of serendipity. The new Slideshare and LinkedIn product showcases your career path through beautiful design. You can make  yours at Professional Journey. Continue reading

The power of thanking


It is sometimes underestimated how powerful a Thank you can be. How many times do you use thank you a day? What about a week or a month? Usually people like being thanked, think of yourself. To my mind, it is a tool or a resource that I often use to show appreciation because I can emphasize with the feeling of being recognized for a labour, an action or a comment someone just made.  Continue reading