Productivity – Tools and the science behind it

Productivity and Multitasking

Research shows that discipline is best maintained through habits, not through willpower.

Productivity is a key metric on your everyday to do list. The more that you get done the closer that you get to the goals  you want to achieve. Your to-do list can be overwhelming sometimes, but these tricks will make you start ticking lines out of the list.

Productivity in the Work Place as a Concept

Here is a short-list of Key tasks that Productive People do by Ilya Pozin. I’d suggest you read through the full article, you will get great insights and increase your productivity right away. Continue reading

All the fun stuff is happening on the cellphones

Smartphone usage

Facebook recently announced that there has been a decrease of the use of the platform among the Teenagers. This is quite a new, especially coming from Facebook. It’s a well known truth that everyone could see in their timelines, people are more concerned of what they publish.

Facebook made a startling admission in its earnings announcement this month: it was seeing a “decrease in daily users, specifically among teens”. In other words, teenagers are still on Facebook; they’re just not using it as much as they did. – The Guardian

I would tag teenagers as the early adopters of the new technologies, those who are able to transform them, reinvent its usage and set the trends for what’s coming next. If they are leaving Facebook, it means a lot.

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