My Career Journey

Slideshare and Linkedin Product Journey

You could hold the same title as hundreds of others in your field, but the journey you took to arrive at your destination was unique, shaped by your experiences, educations, skills and maybe even a bit of serendipity. The new Slideshare and LinkedIn product showcases your career path through beautiful design. You can make  yours at Professional Journey. Continue reading

Productivity – Tools and the science behind it

Productivity and Multitasking

Research shows that discipline is best maintained through habits, not through willpower.

Productivity is a key metric on your everyday to do list. The more that you get done the closer that you get to the goals  you want to achieve. Your to-do list can be overwhelming sometimes, but these tricks will make you start ticking lines out of the list.

Productivity in the Work Place as a Concept

Here is a short-list of Key tasks that Productive People do by Ilya Pozin. I’d suggest you read through the full article, you will get great insights and increase your productivity right away. Continue reading

Best reads of 2013 from LinkedIn Influencers

Glasses on paper

On a daily basis I often spend some time reading LinkedIn influencers posts. They are a great inspiration for downtime, before getting to work or for a break.

Here is a Slideshare presentation that you should consider going through, and clicking on each slide. These are the stories that mattered most to young professionals on 2013: Continue reading

The tech industry takes over finance recruitment

Working at Google

Kevin Roose outlines in his article: Why Can’t Wall Street Out-Recruit Google and Facebook? why Wall Street is coming short in young talent over the past years. Truth is that the technology industry is well ranked in the best places to work. The benefits are largely acknowledge and among them there are:

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Vacations on demand
  • Free food
  • Hairstyle sessions
  • Yoga rooms Continue reading