My Career Journey

Slideshare and Linkedin Product Journey

You could hold the same title as hundreds of others in your field, but the journey you took to arrive at your destination was unique, shaped by your experiences, educations, skills and maybe even a bit of serendipity. The new Slideshare and LinkedIn product showcases your career path through beautiful design. You can make  yours at Professional Journey. Continue reading

What you should do before switching jobs – or at any time

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Did you decide it is that time to quit your job? Or are you in the market for new job opportunities? I was in this position 6 months ago, while I had to decide wether to stay in the same company or moving towards my next career step. It is never an easy decision and you can never be wrong. Wether you stick with the same or change for good, you will never know what would have happened if you decided otherwise.

Anyhow, it is a challenging decision, and you should always be ready and up for it. I mean, the more that you do on a day-to-day basis, the less that you will have to hurry once the time for change has come. So, keep in mind these 5 bullet points, and practice personal branding.

1. Update Your LinkedIn Profile

If you haven’t revised your LinkedIn profile since your last job, it’s time to make some updates. Rewrite your summary to include your current career objective, and ask colleagues to endorse you and provide recommendations that reflect your job search. Make sure your online resume includes all your newest accomplishments. If you don’t have a professional picture to add to your profile, it’s time to have one taken.

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Find your story and tell it

If you don´t tell your story, someone else will

It is not about the cover letter or your resume, it is about you. Learn how to tell your story through writing, or explain it properly. The rest will follow. The secret of a well-written cover letter is to learn to write well. The secret of an interesting resume is to have done interesting things. So do interesting things and learn to write about them.

I believe the format how any story is presented is not as important as the content of it. You are the one that know it better than anyone. And you are the creator, the main character of that story. Now, go and tell it, do not be shy. If you find the right listeners, they will be engaged. If they are not listening, then go and look further. Continue reading

Know Yourself First

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After reading and watching a few inspirational articles and videos about self knowledge I am ready to breakdown why I think before any move, decision, or path you are going to take, it is better to know yourself! Tweet it!

It is ok to know what others think about you, you may find some people that will tell you exactly what you want to hear. Others will be direct to tell your weaknesses and strengths. And a few others, will just pass the chance to get in trouble telling you what they actually think about you. Anyhow, at the end of the day, you are yourself, and no one else knows you better than you do.

So where do I find the right information?. Can I google it? Well, you can start with that, and you will find revealing staff that you should provably not have there, but I will talk about this in another post. For now, I would invite you to make the following exercice. I took the time to do it myself, and it is just enlightening. It will allow you to speak up about yourself better, position yourself in a wide range of topics and ultimately, nail any pitch. So, print this out, and grub a pen, yes, it is better this way. Turn off everything that you are doing, and let your mind flow and your hand write. Continue reading