120 marketers that I follow on Google+

Google+ Circles

There are many ways to have your daily dose of great content delivered to you. You may choose from having your own RSS feed, following Twitter users or lists, or turn your Google+ into your news and articles feed.

I have been using this last option lately, and I have been amazed of how good Google+ filters and shows what you are most interested in.

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All the fun stuff is happening on the cellphones

Smartphone usage

Facebook recently announced that there has been a decrease of the use of the platform among the Teenagers. This is quite a new, especially coming from Facebook. It’s a well known truth that everyone could see in their timelines, people are more concerned of what they publish.

Facebook made a startling admission in its earnings announcement this month: it was seeing a “decrease in daily users, specifically among teens”. In other words, teenagers are still on Facebook; they’re just not using it as much as they did. – The Guardian

I would tag teenagers as the early adopters of the new technologies, those who are able to transform them, reinvent its usage and set the trends for what’s coming next. If they are leaving Facebook, it means a lot.

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